Tech13 - Oaktable Speakers

Christian Antognini 

Execution Plans 

Martin Bach

Managing Exadata and the Human Factor

Using Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces to Reduce Downtime 

Melanie Caffrey 

Five 11g Features You Probably Aren’t Using (That Are Well Worth a Look)

Maria Colgan 

Introduction to the New Oracle Database In-Memory Option

Julian Dyke 

Dataguard Roundtable

Oracle 12c New Features – Picking the Winners 

Iloon Ellen-Wolff 

How to Avoid to Struggle with the APEX Listener 

Pete Finnigan 

Practical Audit Trails

Oracle Security Open Questions 

Joel Goodman 

RAC and Grid Infrastructure Roundtable

Oracle Parallel Execution Master Class

Engineered Systems Roundtable 

Kyle Hailey 

Oracle Transaction Locks and Analysis

Virtualizing Data for Databases: Creating the Agile Data Platform

Lies, Damned Lies, and I/O Statistics 

Timothy Hall 

Improving the Performance of PL/SQL Function Calls from SQL? 

Frits Hoogland 

About Multiblock Reads 

John King 

Avoiding SQL Injection: Don’t Let a Stranger “Shoot You Up”

Oracle Database 12c New Features for Developers

I Already use Spring, JSF, and/or Hibernate; Why Would I Use Oracle ADF? 

David Kurtz 

Partition, Archive, Compress, Purge - Keep you ERP on the Road 

Jonathan Lewis 

Beginners' Guide to Cost Based Optimisation

The Evolution of Histograms 

Niall Litchfield  

Virtualisation Q&A

Enterprise Manager 12c - Differences that Matter 

James Morle

Optimal Oracle Configuration for Efficient Table Scanning

What the Heck is Async I/O and Why should I Care?

The Least You Need To Know When Evaluating Exadata 

Marcin Przepiorowski

DataGuard - Implementation Tips 

Joze Senegacnik 

Query Transformations Revisited

Opening the Black Box Called “Cost Based Optimizer”  

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